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Vinland Library

At the heart of Vinland Elementary's academic enrichment efforts is the Library, a vibrant hub for knowledge, exploration, and lifelong learning. The Library's mission is to empower students and staff to be effective users and producers of information and ideas. It accomplishes this by providing access to a rich collection of resources and instilling critical information and technology literacy skills. Under the expert leadership of Library Media Specialist, Rebecca Ryan, the library becomes a nurturing ground for curiosity and discovery.

Ms. Ryan, with her dedication to knowledge dissemination and her commitment to fostering a love for reading, plays a crucial role in shaping the library into an essential component of Vinland Elementary's educational landscape. She works diligently to ensure that every student, regardless of their background, has equitable access to the wealth of resources available in the library. Her passion for reading and learning is infectious, inspiring students to explore books and digital resources, and encouraging them to become lifelong learners.

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Vinland Elementary School Library 
22104 Rhododendron Lane NW
Poulsbo, WA 98370
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Rebecca Ryan
Library Media Specialist
(360) 396-3623