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Counseling Center

At Vinland Elementary School, an integral part of the students' wellbeing and development is undoubtedly the Counseling Center. The center, under the stewardship of School Counselor Carolyn Mosiman, provides an empathetic and safe haven for students. Ms. Mosiman, with her abundant experience and dedication to student well-being, ensures that the center becomes a place of solace, guidance, and personal growth for every Dolphin.

Ms. Mosiman’s duties stretch far beyond providing comfort; she plays a pivotal role in supporting students' academic, social, and emotional progress. Be it through one-on-one counseling, group sessions, or collaborations with parents and teachers, she tailors her approach to fit each student's unique needs. By understanding and addressing these needs, Ms. Mosiman helps students navigate the complex world of academia and personal growth. Through the tireless efforts of Ms. Mosiman and her team, the Counseling Center at Vinland Elementary exemplifies the school's commitment to enhancing the educational and personal experience of every student.

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Vinland Elementary School Counseling Center
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Carolyn Mosiman
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