District Hotspot Request


The North Kitsap School District is committed to helping families get reliable internet access at home to allow students to continue to interact with their schoolwork outside of the school day. To meet the needs of as many families as possible, we have established the following procedures to work towards this goal:

  • All families without internet access at home are encouraged to apply for broadband internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Gaining internet access through the ACP provides the whole family connection across personal and school-provided devices.
    District hotspots will ONLY connect to district-provided devices.
  • Families who qualify free or reduced lunch through the USDA can fill out the form below to apply for a district-owned Verizon hotspot (scroll down past the ACP information for the form). In order to confirm your free/reduced lunch eligibility, please additionally fill out a "CONSENT TO SHARE CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION" form. Please select "Optional noncredit activities" and put "hotspot" in the blank space. Please email your completed form to [email protected].
  • Families who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch through the USDA should attempt to gain internet access through the ACP program. Should participation in the ACP program be denied, these families may apply for a district-owned Verizon hotspot. To fully apply for a district hotspot, the form below must be submitted AND proof of ACP denial must be emailed to [email protected].

Apply for North Kitsap School District Verizon Hotspot

Please use the link provided below to be redirected to our hotspot request application. You will need to also email a copy of the "Consent to Share Child Nutrition Program Eligibilty Information" (instructions in first section above) and send it to [email protected] If your student does not qualify for free and/or reduced lunch, please read about the Affordable Connectivity Program before submitting an application through our form.

Redirect to NKSD Verizon Hotspot Application Form