One of your student's jobs this year is to record and complete their homework.  These skills will be very helpful as they move on to upper grades. Recording homework assignments will be done through the Daily Report which we fill out in class Monday – Thursday.  Homework will only be given on these days; therefore homework is usually not assigned on weekends unless a student has been absent or has late work.  As part of their daily/nightly routine I do require reading/being read to at least 20 minutes each day over the weekend as well.  Information will follow on our Home Reading Program.

Homework is not graded, but collected, corrected and returned. Each student is expected to complete and return it in a timely manner.  I do understand that circumstances do happen and if your student is unable to return an assignment the next day I would expect it to be turned in by Friday of that week.  On Friday I like to set aside time for “Fun Friday” - a time to explore with games, art, or other fun activities.  If homework is not completed by this time, a student will complete it during this time.

Each night your student is expected to bring home:

· Their Homework Folder (to come in the near future) with 2 pockets marked Return and Home : check the return pocket for things that need to be returned such as homework, Daily Report, permission forms, etc. and check the home pocket for students work, mail/notices, and book orders.

· Their Daily Report (student shares this, parent initials, and student returns each day)

· Homework assignment to complete and return: 20 minutes of reading (recorded), math and math facts practice, or other reading/writing assignments.

Providing a quiet place at home for your child to do homework and reading would be great. You may want to keep some supplies handy for them as well, such as pencils, scissors, crayons, and a glue stick. Thank you for your support at home. We're looking forward to a great year.