Lemagie, Karen

Welcome to Ms. Lemagie's Page

Welcome to D-6

I look forward to the challenge of making this year a successful, enjoyable, and meaningful learning experience for your child and you. For your convenience, I have prepared the following to inform you of our classroom procedures. After reading through the information, please feel free to drop by before or after school (appointments preferred), e-mail, send a note, or call me. My school phone number is 396-3650 and my e-mail address is klemagie@nkschools.org


The school day begins at 9:20 and ends at 3:50. Regular attendance at school and being on time makes learning a much smoother process for your child.

A written excuse or call to the attendance line (396-3603) is required by the state when your child has been absent. If you are planning to be gone 5 or more days at a time it is highly recommended to fill out a prior excused absence form from the office. This is also a courtesy to the office staff.

If your child is absent, I will send home any missed work that should be returned to school as soon as possible. Sorry, but homework packets are not available before an absence! Much of our work is done in class discussion, cooperative learning groups, and/or orally. This learning experience is difficult to recapture. I realize that emergencies and sickness do occur. I want all students to succeed and feel good about themselves and their learning, therefore regular school attendance and promptness is important (especially during assessments throughout the year). When checking your child in or out of school, please do so in the office.

Request from the office:
If your student is going to be absent, please call the attendance line (396-3603) as soon as possible in the morning or even the night before. You do not need to send a note if you call the attendance line. The school phone number is 396-3600

Notes from Home:

Please send a note when your child will:
-be picked up by you (unless this is the norm)
-be picked up by someone else (unless this is the norm)
-ride the bus with a friend
-ride any other bus route than the norm
-go to after-school care on different days than his/her regular schedule

I must have a note from you directing this action. Without a note, I will place your child on his/her regular bus, or way home.


We may have homework Monday through Thursday. Please check the Daily/Weekly Report to see what is coming home. The Daily Report is part of your child's homework and should be returned each day with your initials. Homework will usually be review or extra practice. I do not usually send homework on weekends unless your student missed school and then, again, it's review or extra practice. Homework should only take 10 to 20 minutes (longer if it's a game that they're enjoying with you!) I believe that returning homework helps teach responsibility, therefore those who do not complete their homework and return by Friday will do so during “Fun Friday”. “Fun Friday” is a time for math games, art, and other explorations near the end of the day on Friday.

Our Reading Program is also part of your child's homework. Please take time with your child to hear/read a good story, even if they can read on their own. They still need to practice fluency and reading with expression and you can be that model for them.

Book Orders:

Book ordering is optional, but highly rewarding for developing readers. I will be sending orders home monthly. I usually send orders home for a variety of reading levels. It will take about 7 - 10 workings days for books to arrive after they have been ordered. The books are reasonably priced and make great gifts, too! Information about ordering on-line will come with the first book order. (Make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.)


Our Specialists this year are Library, Music, P.E., and Computer with a 4 day rotation in that order. We may visit the other computer lab at another time each week, also. Specialist time is 40 minutes this year and will be at 2:05 daily. Our class will be looking for an interested parent/adult volunteer to be our Art Docent and one for Room Parent.


We have two 20 minute recesses each day. We will also take time for a quick snack each day. Crackers or cracker type snacks are the recommended snack choice as there are a good variety available and makes for a quick and easy clean up. (Class cracker donations are welcomed as I like to have extra on hand for someone who forgets their snack.)


We love to acknowledge birthdays! We will do so in class with a very enthusiastic song. Due to food allergies and dietary concerns we no longer celebrate with food. As an alternative families are welcome to send in small treats like stickers, pencils, or erasers for each student or a book for the class library. Please know that this is optional and not required. Sorry, but party invitations cannot be passed out during class time.

Homework Folders:

Homework Folders come home every day and at the end of the week will contain corrected work from the week, school notices, and other information. Please return the next day back to school empty (especially on Monday), unless there is something to be retuned/signed. Please be sure to check your student's homework folder daily for important paperwork coming home – beginning the first Monday.

Daily Reports:

The Daily Report is a daily communication piece that your child fills out to let you know what went on in school that day. Your initial lets me know that they have shared this information with you. This is also considered part of their homework. Watch for more information to come home on a nightly reading program.

Conferences and Report Cards:

* Fall conferences: October 26, 27,28 
* First Trimester ends: December 3
* Report Cards sent home: mid December
* End of 2nd Trimester: March 16
* Report Cards sent home: (at Conferences)

* Spring conferences: March 29, 30, 31 (half days), April 1 (all day)

* End of year/Report Cards: June 17

Things Parents Can Do At Home to Ensure Success At School:

· Read aloud to your child everyday. Even if your child can already read, this is important. S/he can benefit from hearing you read with expression and spend time discussing the story.

· Have high expectations

· Check homework, but do not do it for them

· Limit TV, video, and computer games

· Have your child get a good night sleep (no TV in bedroom)

Student Supplies:

Please check out the class supply list from my web site as it may be slightly different than the district web site at http://www.nkschools.org/ .

I hope this information is helpful. I am very excited to be teaching second grade this year and I look forward with you to help your child be successful!