Homework Policy


            Each day your child will have homework. He/She will write down his homework assignment on a homework page.  The page will include a note to parents. He/She will put their homework page their homework, their corrected work, and any paperwork to take home in their folder.  Your child will be asked to read every night. At times he/she may have additional reading work, or math work, or spelling, or writing.  Parents are asked to sign the homework page daily, check over/correct the homework, and help your child return the homework and folder to school the next day.  I will be checking the homework daily. If your child forgot to bring in their homework, they have one more night to complete the homework. If there is a problem with getting homework done, please let me know by writing a note on the homework page, email me, or call me. If the homework is still out, your child will get to go to Catch Up on Friday. Those that get their work completed will have relish - games, free draw, movie, etc. depending on what is provided by the 2nd grade teachers.  It is very important that students are held accountable for their homework and do not get behind. YOUR CHILD WILL HAVE HOMEWORK EVERY DAY, MONDAY-THURSDAY.  If you have any questions or comments about the homework, etc, you may include this on the homework page. 

            I feel that reading practice every day is very important.  I recommend that your child reads for at least 15-30 minutes a night. Please check off how many minutes your child has read on the homework page. 

            I also feel it is very important for students to learn their facts (addition, subtraction, and possibly multiplication) Flashcards will be sent home periodically for your child to practice. These flashcards are to be kept at home. In the classroom students will be held accountable for knowing their facts through time tests taken several times a week or daily. 

            My goal is to allow your child plenty of time to play when he/she comes home from a busy day in the classroom.  However, I also feel it is very important for your child to practice the skills we are learning in class and learn important study skills by doing homework. Homework also helps you, the parent, become actively involved in your child's learning. Homework is a grade on the report card. I will try to keep homework to a minimum.

            Your child will be required to use one of the folders that was listed on the supply list. We will be labeling the left side of the folder return, meaning these items need to be completed and returned to school (papers that need to be signed and homework) as soon as possible. The right side of the folder will be labeled Home meaning these items need to stay at home. The Home side will include student’s work that have been checked and any notes/information that is sent home that does not need to be returned. Please go over the work with your child. This folder will be sent home daily as needed and should always be in your child’s backpack.  

Mrs. Davis
Last Modified on February 10, 2016