Daily Homework

Reading/AR  - It is very important that children are practicing reading every day.  I recommend that your child reads for at least 20-30 minutes a night.   You may write in how many minutes your child has read on the homework sheet.  Students are required to take 2 AR tests per month.  They may take more. 
Math Facts – Research shows that students who know their math facts are much more successful in their math classes, especially in the upper grades. Trying to do middle school math without knowing math facts is incredibly slow and frustrating. That is why we try to learn them in the elementary grades. It is now time to help your child memorize their math facts. Please make this a priority at home each night. Your child may work on these facts in the car or right before they are reading their books for the night. Please initial that your child has practiced their flashcards in their homework journal. In our class we are taking time tests daily. Having your child practice their facts nightly will help them pass the time test in class.


Spelling words- There are essential words that all second graders should know by the end of the year.  Knowing how to spell these words will also help your child’s reading. I will be sending home the essential words that we will be learning on Monday.  There will be different spelling activities each night. We will have spelling tests on Friday. I will also include words that are being mispelled in their student journals.
Writing - On Monday your child will practice the writing skills learned in class. In most cases your child will be asked to write about their weekend. At first most of these will be a list of activities your child did in sentence form. Later on in the year your child will be asked to choose 1 activity they did and include details about that activity. Please help your child put in punctuation and capitalization as needed.
Additional Homework - I will also include math practice sheets, reading practice sheets, or any other practice students may need to do for homework. At times students will be given a game to play. 
Homework should take no more than 30 minutes a night. This does not include reading. Children should also have enough time to play.