Classroom Management

Classroom Management/Rewards/Consequences
As a class, we follow the Vinland Expectations.
  • Be Respectful: Treat yourself and others with respect by what you say and do; this includes showing courtesy (please, thank you, and excuse me) and acting safely.
  • Be Responsible:  Work at your learning, which includes coming prepared to learn (including supplies and homework), giving best effort, completing assignments, listening when others are talking, and paying attention to detail. When we are responsible we are also allowing others to learn.  (This includes trying your best)
  • Good Relationships: Getting to know one another in our classroom and helping each other out helps create a positive learning environment. It also helps students take risks and feel safe in school.
  • Rights: Every child has the right to learn. Thus every child must allow others the right to learn with as little disruption to their learning as possible. Every child also has the right to be treated equally and fairly.
  • Be Ready to Learn: Bring all supplies to school.  Leave your problems and concerns at home as best as you can.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  Come dressed in your uniform.  Come rested.  Bring in your homework. Etc.
  • Be Kind

            I try to take a positive approach to discipline, highlighting student’s strengths and talents. Students are often sitting within groups that change each week.  Each week the students are trying to earn points for their group (group points rewarded each Friday) and individual points. They are also trying to earn class points. However, when classroom or school rules are not followed, we have a consistent plan to help keep each member of our classroom community accountable. When a student is not following the rules, he/she is given a verbal warning. If the behavior continues he/she will stay in for 5 minutes of recess.  If this does not stop the behavior, then he/she will stay in for more recess time. If he/she continues to have difficulty following the rules, he/she might be asked to go to time out either in the classroom, in another classroom, or out in the hallway to think over what he/she needs to do differently. At this point a phone call may occur, and possibly a behavior referral to the principal. If need be, an individualized behavior plan may be needed. If a behavior cause’s immediate harm to another student, your child will automatically lose a whole day worth of recess and parents will be contacted. Depending on how serious the incident, Mr. McCabe/Mrs. Mosiman/or Mrs. Anderson may need to be involved. Every morning is a new day (unless they still owe recess from the previous day) and each student starts all over with a clean slate. I believe that teachers, students, and families should work together to make the learning environment safe and comfortable for all children. Again, I prefer to focus on the positives and will be providing a variety of rewards for students who follow school and classroom rules. 

Last Modified on February 10, 2016