About Me

I have over twenty-two years of teaching experience in preschool through 12th grade, primarily in Kindergarten, and including English~ Spanish bilingual and multilingual classrooms.  My husband is also a teacher, working with middle school-aged children and their families.  Our oldest daughter is working hard in her last year of Kingston High School while applying to colleges.  Our younger daughter is beginning 9th grade, and our son is in 5th grade this year.  As you can see, I can certainly relate to the feelings and questions of Kindergarten parents!

I believe all children are natural discoverers determined to make sense of their experiences and surroundings.  I strive to organize a supportive, stimulating environment where children can integrate what they are learning into their own understanding of how the world works.  It is my goal that your child’s first school experience is a fun and exciting one and I hope to instill a love of learning that will last far beyond Kindergarten.