Classroom Routines

Having a successful year is so important!  Here is a brief description of some basic procedures:

Morning Routines: Your child will enter the building between 9:10-9:20. Please try to be on time, for a calm transition to school helps your child feel secure and ready for learning.   If they are having school breakfast, this is also the time for them to eat quickly, and then head to our classroom E-4.  Your child will hang up their backpack and coat, put their lunch box in the lunch tub if they have one, and then enter the classroom.  They will turn in any checked out books right by the door, turn in any homework or notes from home, and then answer our survey question.  The survey question is usually based on current learning or the time of year, and it helps me to take attendance.  When they sit down at their team, they should put their home folder in their desk.  Then, your child will begin their star tub (independent centers that rotate daily) and work quietly before we have school announcements and the pledge of allegiance.   At any time during the day, if your child doesn’t finish work, he or she will have a “not done” file to store it in.  I build in regular times to complete this work.

Positive Choices: I like to emphasize positive choices students make!  Your child will receive specific praise, ‘super’ awards (colorful slips of paper related to the season or concepts we are studying in Spanish), and Dolphin slips.  If your child needs reminders about their behavior, I verbally redirect them, and then sometimes ask them to practice their corrected behavior for a few minutes at recess.  We discuss and practice the expected behaviors, so everybody understands how to be a part of our learning team. 

Homework:  Your child will have a manageable homework schedule.  All homework will be communicated through our Daily Log.  The Daily Log is a place where we communicate our learning targets, announcements,  and assignments.  Your child will check out a Good-fit book from my personal library. This book baggie needs to be returned daily.  Please sign the Daily Log when your child has read.  Your child will also have three math papers for homework per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).  These help your child practice concepts learned at school and are not new learning.  All math homework should be turned into the homework basket at school by the following Monday.  This does not have to be done the night assigned, for I know families have busy schedules and prefer flexibility.