What are we doing?
Social Studies: Students are currently taking notes on the 3 branches of government. After the break they will be constructing a poster displaying what they have learned. We have a Judge coming in to talk to the students in January.
Science: We are doing our chemistry unit in science. We will be conducting experiments and we will focus on writing conclusions using CER. This stands for claim, evidence, and reasoning.
Math WIN Saavedra: Students are working on adding and subtracting decimals.
Math WIN Murphy:
Students are working on multiplying fractions.
Core Math Saavedra:
Students are working on the metric system. They are converting within the metric system using "King Henry Died Unexpectedly Drinking Chocolate Milk." Quiz next week.
Core Math Murphy:  Students are working on looking for patterns and short cuts (functions). They are trying to find the "rule" in an "in/out" table.

Word work:
Making inferences-due next Monday
Vocabulary Homework:
Study! The test is next Monday.
Snowman News article:The final news story is due next Friday.