Class Dojo

As a way to promote and maintain positive classroom behavior, our class uses Class Dojo. Students are awarded dojo points for positive behavior and lose points for poor choices. On Friday mornings, I do a ticket drawing! When a student's ticket is pulled, they have a list of fun prizes to choose from. At the end of the week, I reset all of the points so students can start from a clean slate. Please make sure you have created an account so that you can track your child's progress! This is also a great platform for parent/teacher communication. :)

Weekly Class Dojo Points!

4 dojo points = 1 ticket

8 dojo points = 2 tickets

12 dojo points = 3 tickets + a jolly rancher

16 dojo points = 4 tickets + Silent reading free choice

20 dojo points = 5 tickets + prize box 

25 dojo points = Change your dojo avatar

30 dojo points = A Best Fin Forward award

40 dojo points = A certificate of achievement