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            I would like to have a small celebration for your child’s birthday. When it is your child’s birthday, he/she may bring in a special item to share. No animals. Your child will be given 5 minutes of sharing time. Your child may also bring a food to share with the class to make our day more festive.

            If your child’s birthday falls on Saturday, let’s celebrate it on Friday and if it is on Sunday, let’s celebrate on Monday. If your child’s birthday is during a holiday or break, we will celebrate it before or after. For those who had a birthday during the summer, we could either celebrate it in the beginning of the year or in June, just let me know. I am flexible with when the birthday is celebrated and understand that it is very important for your child to get his/her special moment in the classroom.


Parent Volunteers

            I encourage all parents to play an active part in their child’s education. If you can spend time in the classroom, please do come in. My classroom is always open to parents to help out with small group work, individual help, preparation of materials, filing, correcting papers, listening to students read, practice facts, etc. Please let me know if you would like to come in and help on a regular basis. It helps me to know that you are coming ahead of time so that I am prepared with work for you to do.  All parents that work in the classroom or will be attending field trips must be approved by the district. 


Book Orders

            I will send book orders home periodically. Please do not feel obligated to buy any books, but do keep in mind that these are usually cheaper than in the store and there is no tax or shipping cost. Plus as you buy books, the more books the classroom receives. If you want to buy books, send the order form plus a check made out to the book company back to class by the date noted.


Bus Notes

            It is the schools policy that unless your child gives me a signed and dated note or email informing us that your child is going elsewhere after school, he/she will keep his/her original schedule of going home, etc. If you forget the note, please call the school. A verbal message from your child will not work. Please make sure your child knows where he/she is going after school before he/she sets off for school.  I can not tell you how many times children arrive not knowing where they are going.  This raises anxiety during the school day and makes it hard for your child to stay on task.



            P.E., music, computers, and library are on a 4 day rotation from 2:05-2:45 each day.


Toys, Gum, Jewelry

            Please keep toys, gum, and jewelry at home. These items distract the students. Lost toys and broken jewelry take time away from our learning time. We will not have the time to look for these items or mend them. Sorry, but this has to be the rule here. 
Mrs. Davis
Last Modified on February 10, 2016