Davis, Debra

Welcome to Mrs. Davis' Page! WELCOME to second grade!

 It is my pleasure to be your child’s teacher this year. This is going to be such a fun and exciting year of learning! I would like to take the opportunity to acquaint you with myself and tell you a few things that will make our year run more smoothly.

 First of all, my name is Debbie Davis (Mrs. Davis).  My goal is that each child will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in life. Each child will have opportunities to learn and practice various reading and writing strategies so that he/she will be an independent reader and writer. He/She will also develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. I try my best to create a safe and caring learning environment so that each child will be able to strengthen his/her self-esteem and is willing to take risks.

 Second grade is a transition year in which many of the children are still working on decoding skills and reading strategies so that they can read, while others are learning comprehension strategies so that they are reading for enjoyment and to learn. My goal is that all the children will enjoy reading and will be asking you to listen to them read nightly. In math your child will spend lots of time problem solving and trying to learn how to communicate their mathematical thinking with words, symbols, and numbers. Daily your child will continue to improve his/her writing skills and will be given the opportunity to publish their own writing. They will learn letter and word patterns through Words Their Way. He/She will also have 2nd step, science, social studies, and health opportunities as well.

 You are a very important part of your child’s educational success.  As parents, your support, encouragement, guidance, and caring are critical to the success of your child’s learning. Continue to ask what your child learned each day. Please persist past the usual, “Nothing.” Take the time to share your day and what you learned as well. You can also get involved by making sure the homework is completed each night. Let your child know that her/his success is important to you. In the homework portion of this letter you will discover how we can stay in direct communication with each other.

Please make sure that you communicate any concerns, successes, questions, etc. Open communication on both our parts is a vital key to your child’s success. If you have any questions, problems, concerns, or even success stories, please let me know.  If you would like to talk with me, I am usually at school from 8:30-4:30 most days. (Staff meetings are held Thursday mornings.) My email is ddavis@nkschools.org and phone number is 396-3647. The best times to call are between 8:30-9:10, 10:40-11:00 except Wednesdays, 11:45-12:25, 2:05-2:45 and between 4:00-4:30. The best way to get a hold of me is through email.  I will try to respond within 24 hours.  It is very important that we keep in touch with each other on your child’s progress.


 Mrs. Davis