Computer Lab

Welcome to the computer lab. I hope you are looking forward to a fun year of learning and creating. This year you will be learning how to produce projects using Microsoft Office, Coding programs, 3-D Designers, and other digital resources. We will also be learning how to be digitally responsible citizens of the 21st century.

            Computer Mouse

    Here's some sites to get you started.  Remember, to always ask your parents permission before going on the internet.       

Google Earth - 3-D view of Earth.  Zoom in or type in your address to access any points of interest. 

Internet Safety - Be Internet Awesome by playing this internet safety game.  Practice creating safe passwords, sharing information safely, and being kind while on the internet.

Learn Code- Hour of Code is a big part of our lessons.  Coding is in almost everything and it's one of the biggest growing industries today.  Learn to code using Python, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript.  

DanceMat Typing- How about we improve those typing skills!!

Free Typing Test- Visit a typing game that allows you to know your Words Per Minute.  As a 3rd-5th grader you should be striving for 15 wpm.  Race your parents, play fun games to help you learn the keyboard, and challenge yourself to improve.  Bonus points if you create an Excel spreadsheet to record your data!  Hint, you'll be learning how to in class.

SAND - Build your mouse control skills while creating beautiful sandscapes.  This is also an app if you are an ipad user 

Incredibox- Express you music abilities.

ABCya- Activities for K-5.  Letters, Numbers, Holiday, Strategy, and Skill practice all in one location.  Keyboard Zoo is a great place for K-1 to learn the keyboard.  

AAAMath- Grade Level Math problems K-8 (Spanish Translator)

IXL Math- K-5 Leveled Math.  Use your school login information.

Raz-Kids- Read books and check your comprehension. Use your classroom password.