General Information

Classroom Expectations

  Your child deserves an optimum learning environment, along with a positive atmosphere for academic growth.  At the beginning of the school year, we will spend time introducing, modeling, and practicing the many routines and behavior expectations that make our classroom run smoothly and kindly.


Vinland Expectations:

Be Kind

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready to Learn


I positively reinforce students for making responsible choices in many different ways: verbal praise, notes on the Daily Log, Best Fin Forward tickets, and Dolphin Awards. 


Discipline Plan

There are natural consequences for students who choose not to follow school rules. 

Since we do a lot of practice and modeling of expectations and routines as well as teaching the Second Steps Program, we typically only have few serious behavior problems.  However, mistakes happen and I will talk with your child as issues arise.  Our first step is to problem solve together.  If the behavior has become chronic, something very unusual has happened, or inhibits others ability to learn, I will contact parents.

Classroom Volunteers

I strongly support and encourage parent involvement in a child’s education!  I encourage parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles to volunteer either at home on projects or in the classroom.
 If you are interested inhelping out once in a while, please know you are always welcome.  I will be seeking additional volunteers during special activities and field trips.  If you are interested in helping out, please complete and return the volunteer questionnaire. Along with a volunteer packet and a background check (this paperwork is located in the office).